Wednesday 23 November 2016

The sound of trumpets, the clash of arms, and victory…

A young 'general' in action!
Figure wargames is a tactical game based on history upon which the outcome depends totally on your cognitive reasoning, logic, and imagination.

Figure gaming is the ultimate test of tactical skill. There are no duplications of moves and no game-plans which you can study – all the games rely on the player’s abilities and application of tactical skill in many different situations.

Wargaming is both a competitive sport and a fascinating hobby. It is whatever you want it to be. 

Should you wish, you can participate in club, provincial, national and even international competitions.

Old Edwardians who have represented South Africa since 1991 are:

Senior Team
Name of players
Grant Casey, Ingo Haferung, Kevin Hoyle , Gregory Kupczyk , Vincent Lane, Richard Ligault, Marc Marais, Pavel Rabiner, Dr Evgenii Rabiner, Gareth Rimmington, Matthew Strachan, Edward van Trotsenburg, Jason van Wyngaard, Colin Webster, and David Webster.
Bernice Ligault, Elishia Retief

Junior Team
Name of players
Dominic Bauer, Nicholas Clare, Vincent Lane, Marc Marais, Benjamin Shulman , Matthew Strachan,
Melissa Kupczyk, Elishia Retief

The Old Edwardian Wargames Club can also boast of five World Champions, being:
  • BERNICE LIGAULT (ANCIENTS – Women - 2006, 2007)
  • ELISHIA RETIEF (ANCIENTS – Women - 2014, 2015)
  • MATTHEW STRACHAN (ANCIENTS - Junior section - 2001)
  • BENJAMIN SHULMAN (ANCIENTS - Junior section – 2002)
  • COLIN WEBSTER (ANCIENT'S – Men – 2013, 2014, 2015)

Figure wargames were introduced in 1824 into the Prussian Army as an officer training aid, and was used to develop tactics, which real armies used in the planning of campaigns and battles.

The best way in which YOU can become involved, and fully understand wargames, is to visit the club any Sunday afternoon (14H00 to 18H00) and participate in a game.

The most popular games promoted by the club are:

  • ANCIENTS (3000 BC to 1500AD)
  • PIKE & SHOT (1500 AD to 1700 AD)

Players are also encouraged to contact any or all of the sub club's officials for further information:

Donald Mullany
011 350 8824
074 117 0701
Colin Webster
011 828 4994
073 593 9451

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