Saturday 19 November 2016

Lest we forget: MSSA's first female Protea Team Manager

Michelle Marder.
On a clear Monday afternoon, Michelle Marder of Bedfordview smashed the record books as she boldly broke into yet another “bastion “of male “privilege”. eSports (or better known as computer gaming) has long been considered to be a male preserve. All the top gamers are predominately male and women are few in number in this sport. 
Even though eSports are growing in leaps and bounds, with membership growing monthly, and sales of eSports paraphernalia outstripping the combined sales of all other traditional sports, women still are under represented in all levels of the sport. 
MSSA has taken the call of ensuring that all are given equal opportunity, but it is thanks to the exceptional that real change can be effected in a real and sustainable manner. 
Michelle is one such person, Michelle's dedication to eSports ensured that the game of GUITAR HERO™ was played at every single MSSA provincial and national LAN championship. Such dedication ensured that the sponsor (SAMSUNG) received ample nationwide coverage and enabled gamers from around the country to participate, 
Thus in gratitude to Michelle's sterling efforts, the MSSA rewarded Michelle by granting her the title of Team Manager of the team that is to represent South Africa at the 2010 World Cyber Games to be held in Los Angeles, USA from 29 September 2010 to 3 October 2010. 
Michelle is thus the first women to rise to the position of being a National Team Manager for a Protea eSports team. 
There is no doubt, that under Michelle's care, that the South African team will perform well.

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