Sunday 8 January 2017

A loss is a loss.

Gamers in action at IeSF's 7th World Championships - Seoul.
In the harsh competitive world of gaming, it does not matter by how much you lose, if you lose, you lose.

It really does not matter by how big or small the  margin of the loss, it remains a loss, and such loss will stop the team from progressing in the tournament.

When reviewing the results of any team sport, it does not matter how many goals are scored. Although  the goals scored may count for other purposes, what really matters is how many games are won, drawn and lost.

Thus teams, involved in competitive play, must focus themselves on winning competition games, and even if they are amateur teams, behave in training and in competition as if they were professional teams.

When playing abroad, as either a club team or the national Protea team, the  gamers must understand that it is an honour to do so, and that they will be judged by all the other teams on their standard of play, behaviour, and bearing.

Bad sportsmanship at international level cannot be tolerated.

Needless to say MSSA's South African National teams are highly thought of by all of their peers due to their impeccable manners and sportsmanship.

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