Sunday 22 January 2017

Going to play overseas.

Team eSports South Africa with Team China 
While clubs that have financial backing repeatedly go overseas to participate overseas, the majority of clubs do not have the resources to do so.

As a result the difference in the standard of play becomes more and more marked as the ga[p continues to widen between the various players.

Ultimately, to have such a great divide in the standard of play in South Africa is not beneficial.

Like in all sports, if there is only an improvement at the top, the sport will fail to meet long-term goals of inclusivity and general growth.

What  is required is that there is an overall improvement of the average.

It is far better to have more teams at the top, as it forces a greater competitiveness as well as greater levels of  improvement.

I can personally attest to the enormous improvement of the standard of play of players who have competed in international competition.

To put it in a 'nutshell', the player that comes back from an international championship is so much more than before he/she went.

This is where Mind Sports South Africa comes in.

Yes, clubs affiliated to MSSA may apply for National Lottery Funding which will assist them getting overseas.

However, more importantly, MSSA's system of selection is not based on financial well-being but on being able to deliver the 'goods' at MSSA championships, and at National Team Trials.

Thus MSSA team trials offers every gamer the opportunity to fight for a place in the National Team. Being in such a team will ensure that you face-off against the top national teams that the world has to offer, and by doing so will improve your competitive edge.

Being selected for the national team is quite life-changing.

And that is what MSSA is all about.

The  numbers of players that have officially represented South Africa in eSports are:

Year# of National Players (overseas)# of National players (Test Match in SA)# of National Players (online test matches)Annual total

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