Monday 16 January 2017

Sustainability and long-term growth!

Leaders in meeting.
Esports is now where most other sports have been.

When any sport first starts you find that there are  always a number of private  operators who try to dominate the market in search of the all powerful dollar.

However, through time, and sometimes quite a bit of angst, the non-profit model wins through.

The question is "why".

I believe that it is due to the fact that the model found with most sporting codes is far more sustainable for the following reasons:

The sports model is more inclusive.

The traditional sports body model allows everyone, and anyone, to join. Through observance of its own rules it too allows everybody to have a say at some level which creates an atmosphere of  inclusivity. The company model, on the other hand is there to produce a profit for the owner. Whereas in the sports model the Annual Financial Statements are circulated among the membership, a privately owned company has no obligation to do so and is unlikely to do so either.

Also  the rules by which  a sports body is governed are made by the membership itself. This is probably the greatest act  of inclusivity as  the majority of members, in true  democratic fashion, decide on the direction of the body.

Teams are not dictated by any one person.

Whereas  in privately run organisations the selection of teams is done  on the whim of the owner (who may or may not consult the team members), team selection within a sports  body is  done  on a transparent basis. The selection will always follow the guidelines and the selection itself will always be subject to approval by a higher body to ensure that  due process has been followed.

Thus being selected to  be a member of an official team is a far more open process and allows greater upward mobility.

Volunteers contribute.

The traditional sports body utilises an 'army' of volunteers. Such volunteers have a  passion for the sport and are determined to see it succeed. Such volunteers do not draw salaries, so the monies held by the sports body may al  be used for promoting such sport.

The leaders are elected.

Like Mind Sports South Africa, all sports bodies hold regular elections as dictated by their Statutes/Constitutions.

Again this allows a great deal of upward mobility by those who want to take positions of leadership.

It allows change to happen on a regular basis, and  fresh ideas to come  to the for.

In such a way, the traditional sport body can re-invent itself from time-to-time to meet the changing needs of society.

There is a sense of 'belonging'.

With the membership having such a large say in the affairs of a sport body, the membership has a real bond with such body. Such ties are not easily broken, and many an athlete will feel  fondly long  after their competitive career is over. Thus too, many an athlete will return to take up positions of leadership in order to give back to others so that they too can  enjoy the fruits of competition and personal improvement.

Governed by a committee.

A sports body is governed by committee. The composition of the committee is defined in the organisations Statutes/Constitution. Such Statutes/Constitution also defines the powers and duties of such committee to prevent abuse. There is therefore, no one person in control as all decisions are made by committee.

A person may be tasked to speak on behalf of the organisation, but the decisions are still made by committee.

Such ensures that due thought is applied to the issues of the day. It ensures that there are few 'knee-jerk' reactions, and while it may seem to be a slower approach, it is far more sound

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