Wednesday 11 January 2017

Growth is not the responsibility of the few!

Andrew Reeves, Jessie Joubert and Jade Thomas on the set of Hectic Nine-9.
There is no doubt that MSSA obtains more media coverage for its disciplines and games than any other organisation in South Africa.

Through the active participation of a number of registered  players newspaper articles, radio interviews, TV interviews happen on a regular basis.

Thus, on Tuesday, 10 January 2017, MSSA players again appeared on Hectic Nine-9. This time they discussed the games  of VainGlory and HearthStone. Both of these games shall be promoted at all MSSA Provincial and National events. Readers should please check the Calendar of Events for dates and venues.

The continued media coverage is not because of any one person, but because the membership as a whole has a vested interest in the success, and growth of, MSSA.

Being a non profit association there is no private ownership of MSSA. Instead there is an acute sense of membership and a desire by members to leave a  legacy that will be of even greater benefit to those who will follow.

It is this sense of belonging that allows MSSA to run events in areas that no other organisation will do so.

MSSA is not concerned with making profits out of events, it is about the delivery of events to the majority of the  people of South Africa.

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