Wednesday 25 January 2017

Making it all worthwhile.

Mluleki George (left) playing against Matthews Phosa (right) in a game of Morabaraba. 
The bleakest of moments are sent to try and test the strongest of people.

This is how character is revealed.

It is in these moments of tribulation that a person weighs everything that they have done, and in gut-wrenching moments may attempt to value the worth of the people around him/her and the achievements earned.

In my opinion achievements fade into insignificance when compared to the worth of an individual, but the friendship, concern, and comfort of others is paramount.

It is all about people.

That is the essence of MSSA.

Even though it does not seem so, MSSA, has created friendships between the most  unlikely people and close bonds that become evident at times of grief or hardship.

MSSA  is a family.

Thank you to to the volunteers, without you, nothing would be done.

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