Sunday 1 January 2017

In for a second term!

Prof. Andy Miah with Ryan Boyes at IeSF's 7th World Championships - Seoul.
Ever since the MSSA's Constitution was amended to allow for an eSports representative to sit on MSSA's Management Board, no one person has ever managed to hold the position for more than one term.

Nevertheless, Ryan Boyes made the bold leap of standing for a second term.

The position of eSports Representative is a position that involves an incredible amount of work. Duties for such position include:

  • Helping to select the national teams,
  • Manage the national teams,
  • Ensure that the bye-laws for competitions are up-to-date, 
  • Maintain the rankings, 
  • Chair the eSports Board of Control, and
  • Ensure the good-governance of esports.
 Ryan performed admirably in his first term. Under his watch South Africa earned an international  ranking of 14th.

Also under his watch, South Africa participated in no less than 14 online test matches.

Ryan's dedication and attention to detail allowed him to also elevate others to positions that were reserved for him in terms  of the Constitution and Regulations. Thus through his motives of altruism, Ryan appointed Jason Batzofin to the role of Team Manager for the Protea Team that attended IeSF's 8th World Championships - Jakarta.

It, too, was largely due to Ryan's efforts that  Thomas Brown attended IeSF's Referee Course in China. The course paid huge dividends for Thomas as he was then appointed to referee the WCA Championships.

MSSA is confident that having Ryan at the helm of eSports, eSports in South Africa will continue with its exponential growth.

A list of all eSports Representatives from 2005 is as follows:

Year Name Club
2017 – 2019 Ryan Boyes BNKR Gaming
2014 – 2016 Ryan Boyes BNKR Gaming
2012 – 2013 David Webster Old Edwardian Wargames Club
2009 – 2011 Dr Ryan van den Bergh Wits University Wargames Club
2006 – 2008 Johann von Backström AGASA
2005 Rob Stevens Knights Mind Sports Club

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