Saturday 25 November 2017

Creating rules..

It is through following rules that players may be selected to officially represent South Africa.
It is well known that Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) has a large body of rules with which it uses to govern not only its administration, but also the way in which it holds its championships and other events.

There has been some criticism from some quarters in esports that MSSA is too 'rule bound'. However, it should be noted that it is through rules that society is created. Through creating good rules, good society is created in which all may feel safe and in which those that participate may row and prosper.

Also,many of the rules that come into being are often due to individuals who have taken advantage of the system.

No-one begrudges a person from manipulating the rule to favour him/herself, but when individuals flagrantly abuse the system, that is when a new rule comes into being in order to protect those within its community.

Thus, since MSSA was  founded in 1985, MSSA has seen its share of all types of gamer, aand, as a  result has developed rules for all its events.

However, that does not mean that the rules stop evolving. What may have stated as a simple rule,, may become more-and-more complex in order to take into account all possble outcomes.

Thus, many of the newer organisations on the block seem to be battling with their own events due to the fact that their rules do not take into account the machinations of the few. It is not surprising then, that most private events are dogged by some sort of controversy as such organisations just do not have the history behind them of dealing with unique scenarios.

However, in time, all events will be drawn closer through the need to regulate.

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