Thursday 2 November 2017

Sports and Esports Officials to conduct open dialogue at GEES 2017

The 2nd Global Esports Executive Summit 2017 (GEES) will invite officials from the traditional sports to openly discuss and exchange ideas with esports officials at one location. This is a follow-up to the main vision of the GEES, which is to reach consensus for esports development and to involve international sports society for discussion on how esports can generate synergies with traditional sports.

There has been various opinion and debates regarding esports as a sports. 

Nonetheless, the momentum to recognize esports as an official sports continues to increase, there are currently 27 national federations as recognised by NOC (National Olympic Committee) / NSA (National Sport Authority). 

The OCA (Olympic Council of Asia) has recognized esports as an official sport since 2013 and will also start its integration of esports into the programs of Asian Games starting from 2018. The Paris Olympic Bid Committee has also indicated interest and intentions to engage with esports during the 2024 Paris Olympics.

International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) has invited the following sports representatives to at attend GEES 2017.

Philippe Gueisbuhler, GAISF Head of Administration will participate on behalf of President Patrick Baumann as an observer of GEES 2017. 

Matt Pound, ITTF Head of Communications will participate in the panel of “Esports and Sports Synergies Value Creation”. Charmaine Crooks, NGU Consultants CEO will take part in discussion of “How to increase participation of underrepresented groups”.

Vlad Marinescu, RSportz President, will give an explanation on the general process of how a specific sports can receive global recognition as an official sports. 

Moreover, Moritz Maurer will present on “How betting has been handled in Sports” while also participating in the panel discussion of “Can esports betting be an added value to the esports ecosystem”

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