Friday 24 November 2017

'Tis the season to ... transfer!

It is only through being a  member of an affiliated club, that a player may earn a spot in the National Protea Team.
In order to transfer from one club to another, a Registered Player needs to settle all of his debts with his current club, and apply to such club to leave.

MSSA, only allows this, unless in exceptional circumstances, to happen in the period 1 November to 28 February.

The reasons for only having one transfer period is to:

  • Create stability in in both clubs and teams

    In the past, gamers were known to 'clan hop'. While this at the time may have rewarded certain players with immediate gratification (in sponsorships, prize-money, etc.) it did  nothing to allow a club to fully develop the gamer. If a club is not sure about the length of time that a gamer will be a member of the club, the club is more likely to abuse the gamer's skills and not further develop the gamer. So it has been in the past where MSSA has seen some gamers move from one club to another as soon as the club offered the gamer that little bit more.

    Teams that also stick together, learn how to deal with each other as a group, deal with problems, and work better as a team.
  • Rationalise membership

    In terms of  MSSA's Constitution and Regulations, a Registered Player may only represent one club. The club that the Registered Player may represent is the first club that the Registered Player joined in the season. Such club is  then known as the 'first claim' club and only such club  may enter  the person into championships or count his/her membership for voting rights.

    Thus, MSSA's records apropos membership do not  show 'double-dipping' as a Registered Player may only be shown as a member of only one club and are  quite accurate.
  • Ensure sustainability of clubs

    The strength of any  association remains  its members. Since it is the clubs that are the members of MSSA, it is vital that MSSA protects and  develops the clubs themselves. By regulating the movement of players, clubs are better able to budget and plan for how they want to develop themselves.
Thus the transfer 'window' is now open. If you as a player want to transfer your allegiance from one club to another, do it before 28 February 2018...

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