Monday 20 November 2017

How to qualify to serve on an international body

Alex Lim, IESF's Secretary General.
Whenever Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) takes a team overseas, players  within the team are always impressed with the magnitude of the international event.

The people, atmosphere, venue, media, flights, and accommodation all inspire the team members to aim for higher things.

Thus some of the team members express an  interest in serving the sport at a higher level.

Certainly, MSSA encourages all its players, whether in board games, card games, esports, or wargames, to become more involved.

However, it should be noted that such participation starts at home.

It starts with being a paid-up Registered Player, becoming involved in running a club,and then progressing to a position on the national federation. It is also not something that will happen immediately as anybody wishing to get involved needs to establish a track-record.

Administrators that aim to serve on an international level are here for the 'long-haul'.

It should also be remembered that any position on a committee is a work position. These positions require time and effort. Registered Players that get elected who do not perform, often will be removed.

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