Wednesday 8 November 2017

It's an African derby!

The draw for Tekken 7  at IeSF's 9th World Championships - Busan.
The last time that Tekken was played at IeSF's World Championships was at the 6th World Championships - Baku.

At Baku, South Africa performed well with Morizane Boyes finishing in 9th place.

Te following players shall be competing in the same group as Alasdair Donaldson from MSSA's BOO! Team Esports South Africa:

  • TEAM AZERBAIJAN - Chingiz Kargin
  • TEAM NAMIBIA - Mazila Mazila
  • TEAM MACAU - Ka Io Fong
  • TEAM LEGION ISRAEL - Michael Karkazshvili
  • TEAM VIETNAM - Tu Ash Nguyeni
It is thought by many observers that the LENOVO sponsored Michael Karkazshvili of Israel is Alasdair's biggest threat in the group stage.

However, Namibia's 
Mazila Mazila is unknown and may well prove to be the biggest  surprise.

Nevertheless, MSSA is confident that Alasdair will give it his all and perform to the best of ability and take on Mazila Mazila in a derby type event.

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