Sunday 26 November 2017

Meridian Pinehurst is accepted into membership.

Meridian Pinehurst is an independent mainstream school accommodating learners from four months old to Grade 12. 
The school aims to stimulate and motivate learners to receive and enjoy quality education, develop the necessary life skills and respect for diversity to guide them towards responsible adulthood, enabling them to take their rightful place in society. 
With Meridian Pinehurst affiliating to Mind Sports South Africa, there is no doubt that gaming in South Africa will continue to be developed and transformed.

One can only commend such schools for their foresight and conviction.

Thus MSSA is proud to welcome Meridian Pinehurst into membership.

The addition of Meridian Pinehurst further increases the number of schools affiliated and will enhance all aspects of gaming in South Africa.

The expansion of esports into primary schools sees the growing acceptance of esports as a sport among parents, educators and governing bodies. MSSA is confident that the school will have a long and fruitful association with MSSA and will further help to grow the various mind sports disciplines.

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