Saturday 14 April 2018

May non South African teams play in MSSA's 2018 On-line Provincial Esports Championships - 21 April 2018?

MSSA, helping to grow gaming throughout Africa.
Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is part of a larger international community. Not only is MSSA the largest membership based organisation in South Africa, but it is also a member of the largest membership based organisation for esports in world, being, the International Esports Federation (IESF).

With 49 member countries, it could be easily argued that IESF has the greatest reach of all esports organisations.

MSSA is also a member Confederation of African Esports (CAES). CAES is the African continental body to which African National Federations are affiliated. Should esports ever be accepted into the All African Games, it will be through CAES that such opportunity is made.

Thus, being a member of both IESF and CAES, there exists a great deal of reciprocity between members.

Any other member of IESF and CAES may give permission for one, or more,of their teams to enter South African championships.

However, obviously such teams would not qualify for National Team Trials and Provincial Colours, although, it would give such teams a good idea of the standard of play in South Africa.

MSSA's 2018 On-line Provincial Esports Championships is thus a unique opportunity for many teams in Africa, which are affiliated to their National Federations, to participate.

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