Wednesday 25 April 2018

What it means to be a competitor in Team Valor of Club Valhalla.

Team Valor was raised from the ground by the ever busy, encouraging, tough love manager Angelique “Scarlet” Ramos, partnering with the caring, kind, always has the best advice Jade “Jadai” Thomas. In the eyes of the team, they truly founded the best organization any lady gamer could hope for, called Club Valhalla, which has created a comfortable gaming space for all females in esports.

Team Valor began in August 2017, and have relentlessly been attending practice, coaching sessions and putting in the effort, at first, not to win, but to improve.

Each one of of the team members has conquered a valuable lesson which can be applied to both gaming as well as to their lives outside the fantasy world of League of Legends. Some of the training Team Valor has received from Club Valhalla is, better team communication, online etiquette, conflict resolution, team roles and teamwork, and most importantly they've learned to respect one another.

Cheandrie "Pixie Puff" Myburgh - Top Lane
Jenáde "Zealie" Holder  - Jungle
Daniella "H3artRockNRoll " Selesnick - Mid Lane
Rene' "Raizy" Meyer - ADC
Alissa "BooStitch" Henegan - Support

Due to the nature of the game Team Valor has developed an absolute need to keep on encouraging each other and pushing each other forward in order to better themselves as gamers and as people.The team listens, they understand, they care and they help. Team members uplift each other's spirits, they make jokes, they're serious, they are sisters!

The team has realized their journey is to learn how to fall, really well, so they can soar even better. Along the way they’ve met some talented team members which have been nurtured into amazing friendships.

All members of the team are thankful for having met each other, and look forward to a brighter tomorrow filled with competing in MSSA championships, hard work and finally some epic victories. 


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