Friday 13 April 2018

What is the role of the Esports Board of Control?

Ryan Boyes - Chairperson of the Esports Board of Control from 2014 to present.
Mind Sports South Africa is without doubt the oldest member of the IeSF having been founded on 14 December 1985 as a non-profit Association.

As an Association, the MSSA is governed by a committee that is elected at its General Meetings. In order to create stability in the Association, elections for the posts on the Management Board are staggered so that the entire Management Board does not change at the same time which would result in a loss of knowledge and experience.

Obviously, the Chairman of the Esports Board of Control has become more and more important with the massive growth in Esports in South Africa. 

But what is the role of the Board of Control?

The Boards of Control are the bodies within the MSSA that look after the actual day-to-day running of the various disciplines. By having the various Boards of Control (BoC) administer and run the various disciplines, it stops the Management Board from interfering in such disciplines, and ensures that those directly concerned with the disciplines take an active interest. 

Registered Players who have chaired the various Boards of Control are:
Year eSports Board of Control chairpersons
2014 -present Ryan Boyes
2012 – 2013 David ‘bvd_russian’ Webster
2009 – 2011 Dr. Ryan van den Bergh
2006 – 2008 Johann von Backström
2005 Rob Stevens

For more on the Esports Board of Control, please read:

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