Friday 6 July 2018

A great Master of Ceremonies.

Derek de Froberville at work, inspiring and motivating gamers at the 1st eThekwini Regional Championships.
The Old Edwardian Mind Sports Club and Durban Gaming Expo are fortunate to have an excellent Master of Ceremonies in the person of Derek de Froberville.

Derek is proudly a ‘Jack of Many Trades’, and has a strong interest in all aspects of IT.

Employed by Netelligent, Derek's interpersonal communication and Person-Centric skills are core interests that have lead Derek through a variety of environments from IT Distribution to large stage performances, to international collaborations.

His style and grace at MSSA's First ever eThekwini Esports Regional Championships held on 5 & 7 July 2018 is inspirational to the gamers present.

Certainly the organisers of 
1st eThekwini Esports Regional Championships are lucky to have Derek  as part of an exciting team delivering a top class championships.

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