Tuesday 24 July 2018

First Frisian Draughts World Championships - 3 to 10 August 2018

Frisian Draughts has been played for over 400 years. (Picture courtesy of World Championship Frisian Draughts)
The Board of the World Championship Frisian Draughts (WFD) has decided that the first World Championships will go ahead, as planned, and will be held in the City Hall of the Dutch town of Leeuwarden (3rd through to 10th of August 2018).

Parallel to the final of the World Championships, three open tournements are planned on 8, 9 and 10th of August. On these three days, one can register to play a tournement according to Italian, Czech and Frysk rules. Anyone who can register to participate in one of more of these events, individually or as part of a team. A brief explanation of the applicable rules will be given in advance.

The tournament will be broadcasted live on the internet () and visitors will be very welcome at the site.

Further information:

Marten Walinga, +31 6 3456 1133
Liuwe Westra, +31 6 3083 7586
Herbert Tulleken, +31 6 3191 6560


1. Alexander Georgiev, Saint Petersburg (Russia)

2. Folkert Groenveld, Jutrijp (Netherlands)

3. Václav Křišta, Prague (Czech Republic)

4. Davide Zhou, Aosta (Italy)

5. Jelle Wiersma, Wommels (Netherlands)

6. Foeke Tiemensma, Franeker (Netherlands)

7. Taeke Kooistra, Hartwerd (Netherlands)

8. Tsjerk Wijbenga, Arum (Netherlands)

9. Fedde Wiersma, Easterein (Netherlands)

10. Hans Jansen, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

11. Vasyl Ivanchuk, Lviv (Ukraine)

12. Jean Marc Ndjofang, *** (Cameroon)

13. Renaud Braye, Liege (Belgium)

14. Marten Walinga, Waaksens (the Netherlands)

15. Hein de Vries, Leeuwarden (the Netherlands)

16. Kees Tijssen, Reduzum (the Netherlands)

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