Thursday 12 July 2018

All hail the Chief: Donovan is appointed as Team Captain for League of Legends.

Donovan De Klerk (League of  Legends Senior Team Captain)
Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) has just selected Donovan De Klerk as the Senior Team Captain for the esports title of League of  Legends.

Donovan De Klerk (Good Gaming LOL) has been playing league of legends since season 4, although for most of that time Donovan was a casual player just having fun with friends, up until last year, when a good friend of his told him “you should try and take the game seriously”.
Donovan took the advice seriously and threw himself into esports which completely changed his view on the game and just how competitive the game actually is.
As National Squad Captain, Donovan hopes to become an example for all aspiring esports players in South Africa, and to show all how a group of South Africa's best can go head-to-head with the current best national teams in the world and make our mark on the stage.
Donovan is quietly confident that he can lead the Protea League of Legends Esports Team to finish 6th at IESF's 10th World Championships in Kaohsuing, Chinese Taipei.As Donovan said, "I believe with our current roster that this is a realistic goal".
Donovan believes that a well selected team that is prepared to work together can outshine individual performances. As such, Donovan believes the squad represents the best League of Legends players in South Africa
Thus MSSA has put its faith, and the faith of the nation in a cool headed person who does not judge people and players based on their past or community opinions, who works with players and is not swayed by opinions of the masses, but rather dig down to the truth of the matter. Without doubt, Donovan is just the leader that the national squad and national team will follow - not because they have to, but because they want to. Also read:

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