Thursday 12 July 2018

DotA 2: Team 'Clan Bacon' streaks into third place in the national rankings.

Clan Bacon (Barend Botes, Juan van der Merwe, Pat van der Merwe, Jacques Westley, and Bennie Olivier) were the DOTA 2 competition winners on Day Three of the Durban Gaming Expo.
At MSSA's eThekwini Regional Championships hosted by the Old Edwardian Mind Sports Club (OEMSC) at the Durban Gaming Expo on 7 July 2018, Team 'Clan Bacon' was 'sizzling' and cooked-up a convincing win over all opponents who dared to face this ever so hot team.

The victories which team 'Clan Bacon' has catapulted the team into being ranked third in the country, making it the highest ranked KwaZulu Natalian team.

The members of team 'Clan Bacon' are the first ever recipients of official eThekwini Regional Colours for DotA 2.

Team  'Clan Bacon' now stands poised to challenge all those who stand between it and the top.

The full list of South Africa's official rankings for the esports title of DotA 2 is as follows:

PosName of PlayeryearClubPoints
1D[M]18NW Mindsports179.1
2Magna18Hoërskool Zwartkop178.8
3Clan Bacon18eThekwini Regionals157
4Parklands18Parklands College155.7
5Schoeman18Paul Roos Gimnasium147.8
6Quantum18Curro Klerksdorp147.8
7Sinister5 (17)17Sinister5146.8
9Maritzburg College16Maritzburg College146.8
10PotM Bottom17PotM Bottom146.8
11TribalGaming16Fairmont High School146.8
12KWAKKIE DOTES16Tuks Mind Sports Club146.8
13We Took a Tower!16Wits Wargames Club146.8
14WYSIWYG17Jeppe Boys High School146.8
15Broken alliance16Fairmont High School146.8
16PR0NHS17Northcliff High School146.8
17Mr Project16Oakhill College146.8
18WBHS/DOTA17Westville Boys142.1
19Team YOLO18NW Mindsports138.4
20MC DOTA17Maritzburg College135.7
21The Fluffies18Westville Boys High School130.9
22Iron Branch18eThekwini Regionals130.2
23Conquest18Paul Roos Gimnasium128.5
24Northwood DOTA18Northwood High School127.1
25Cheeky Nandos with the Lads18eThekwini Regionals122.9
26Grey High Gaming17Grey Highschool120
27Kappa Knights16Fairmont High School111.6
29APTWE16Tuks Mind Sports Club105
30Team Craig16Northcliff High School97.1
31Flaming Bunnies16Fairmont High School95
32[PRIDE]17Parktown Boys' High School92.5
33PORAXYSM16All Stars90
34HSP Legends18Hoërskool Parys86.4
35ESBF18NW Mindsports85.4
36Team Cider18eThekwini Regionals80
37HELION17Uplands College75.5
38SJC Eagles18ST John's College75

Other official rankings produced by MSSA are as follows:

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