Thursday, 29 October 2020



Every Esports Advocate can tell the power of Esports to the youth in creating a culture of hope, passion and youth development. Esports severs as a safe haven for the youth away from drug addiction, #boredom and other social vices.

Esports reach out to the youth via their interest and passion, and therefore creates alternative employment skills and disciplines that are never taught in the classroom.

In Africa, Esports is a tool for socio economic transformation via Technology, Entertainment, Education, Entrepreneurship, Sportsmanship and Community building programs that seeks to alleviate poverty and offers better livelihoods.

Esports offers new and exciting ways to engaging Generation XYZ. The broad spectrum of it being able to be integrated into any Experiential activities is only limited to one's imagination. 

Competitive Play,  Gamification, Streaming, Teams, Brand Affinity are all top of the iceberg but below the surface are critical success points that goes beyond the huge prize pool.

ESPORTS  can really HELP transforms the lives of ordinary people to rise up from #Zero to #Hero.

You are thinking of positive transformation... THINK OF ESPORTS.

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