Thursday, 8 October 2020

Past sponsors.

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is deeply indebted to to its sponsors. In an age of continual rising costs none of MSSA's participation would be possible without the support provided by its valued sponsors of the national Protea Esports Team. The cost and effort of getting teams overseas is truly monumental, and the dedication shown by MSSA and its sponsors is truly admirable.

Since 2005, MSSA has sent esports teams out annually to represent South Africa in international competition.

The Protea colours issued are priceless, and offer the athletes unique opportunities that go far beyond just the game.

The sponsors themselves have all benefitted from the relationship. Association with the Protea brand is deeply rooted in the South African psyche.

The full list of companies that have supported the dreams and aspirations of the national Protea Esports Team are:

2019EnerGHack, ZAG Academy, Partnermedia, NWU, IESF, Tuluntulu
2018Partnermedia, NWU, ZAG Academy, IESF, BOO! Surprising Media Solutions, Tuluntulu
2017BOO! Surprising Media Solutions, Tuluntulu, IESF
2016IESF, BT Games
2015MWEB*, IESF, BT Games
2014MWEB*, IESF, BT Games, GIGABYTE, Megarom, Internet Solutions, AMD
2013MWEB*, ROCCAT, GIGABYTE, Megarom, Internet Solutions, AMD, IESF
2011Blizzard, LG*, IESF
2010SAMSUNG*, Blizzard, ASUS, IESF
2009SAMSUNG*, Incredible Connection, ASUS, Hyundai
2005Exactmobile, First National Bank

* Indicates sponsors that had naming rights of the official national Protea Esports Team.

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