Monday 5 October 2020

Tournament Schedule for IESF Regional Qualifiers - 12th World Championships - Eilat.

International Esports Federation (IESF) has announced the dates for its upcoming Regional Tournaments of 12th Esports World Championships - Eilat, Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) has also announced the players who will officially represent South Africa as members of the Protea Esports Team in such event.

The PES, TEKKEN 7 and DOTA 2 esports titles are expected to be hotly contested approximately 60 nations.

South Africa, through Mind Sports South Africa, will be participating in all three esports titles. MSSA, as the world's oldest national federation, is the only federation to have participated in all official titles at all IESF's World Championships since their inception in 2009.

To represent South Africa as a member of the national Protea Esports Team, a player has to be registered by a member club and be a South African citizen.

The advantages of being a member of the national Protea Esports Team are priceless, and may include earning bursaries, increases in salary, and a greater sense of personal worth.

There is nothing as rewarding as officially representing your country on the field of sport. The memories last forever, and friendships made endure.

Tournament Schedule


RegionalDatesGlobal Final Slots
Europe21-22 November 20203
South Asia19 November 20201
Southeast Asia9-10 November 20201
East Asia11-12 November 20201
CIS14-18 November 20201
South America23 October 20201
North & Central America21 October 20201
Southern Africa26 October 20201


RegionalDatesGlobal Final Slots
Europe07 November 20207
South Asia28 October 20201
Southeast Asia27 October 20201
East Asia29 October 20202
MENA & Cent. Asia02 November 20201
South America30 October 20201
North America22 October 20201
Central America20 November 20201
Southern Africa25 October 20201


RegionalDatesGlobal Final Slots
Europe31 October 20206
South Asia06 November 20201
Southeast Asia04 November 20201
East Asia05 November 20202
MENA & Cent. Asia03 November 20201
South America01 November 20201
North America20 October 20201
Central America08 November 20202
Southern Africa25 October 20201

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