Tuesday 11 September 2018

City of Ekhurhuleni Regional Colours awarded.

Garth Schoeman - the first recipient of City of Ekurhuleni Regional Colours for mind sports.
MSSA's 2018 City of Johannesburg Regional Championships was hosted by The Old Edwardian Mind Sports Club on 8 & 9 September 2018 and the championship was, as usual, a successful event proving that Regional  Championships are vital to the long-term sustainability and growth of all mind sports.

At such championships only the Ancients wargame was played.

The award of Regional Colours at the City of Johannesburg Regional Championships again demonstrates the flexibility of the system.

Readers should be aware that Mind Sports South Africa awards Regional and Provincial Colours based on residency. 

Thus if a player lives in Benoni but plays in the City of Johannesburg Regional Championships and qualifies for Regional Colours, such player would still be awarded City of Ekurhuleni Regional Colours.
Thus, for the first time ever, a player, Garth Schoeman, has been awarded City of Ekurhuleni Colours for mind sports. Garth Schoeman is a long-time registered player and has served in the Protea Team (2002), served on MSSA's Management Board, represesnted South Africa as an international umpire, and currently chairs MSSA's Selection Committee, and is still able to maintain a high standard of play.

The full list of players who earned Regional Colours at MSSA's 2018 City of Johannesburg Regional Championships are as follows:

Name of playerClubColours awarded
Elwyn JonesCity of Johannesburg Regional ChampionshipsCity of Johannesburg Regional Colours
Garth SchoemanKnights Mind Sports ClubCity of Ekurhuleni Regional Colours
Terence AllwrightOld Edwardian Mind Sports ClubCity of Johannesburg Regional Colours

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