Friday 14 September 2018

Huge excitement from schools for MSSA's 2019 School Online and LAN Championships.

The entire official South African National Squad for the DotA 2 esports title consists of learners from Curro Klerksdorp and Oaklands School.
In 2010 Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) initiated its online school leagues as well as its National Championships for Schools in esports.

Since 2010, many a learner has thus been able to earn Provincial and National Colours for various esports titles.

Mind Sports South Africa is already South Africa's largest membership based organisation for gaming and is the only organisation that since 2005 regularly sends teams overseas to represent South Africa.

It is through such official leagues and championships that a number of learners have also been able to qualify for MSSA's annual National Team Trials at which players are selected for South Africa's Protea Esports Teams.

It is therefore not surprisinng then to see that almost every year that the Protea Team is selected, there are always learners who are able to make the grade as such and be selected.

Thus with Mind Sports South Africa's school National Championships going into their 10th consecutive year, MSSA is experiencing huge interest from schools that already, and that also wish to, participate in such official leagues and championships.

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