Wednesday 19 September 2018

Road to Kaohsuing: 50 days to go...

With only 50 days to go, Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) along with all the other participating  national federations is readying itself for IESF's 10th World Championships - Kaohsuing City.

Not only is South Africa's official Protea Esports Team preparing to contest the CounterStrike: GO, League of Legends, and Tekken 7 esports titles, but MSSA is also preparing to participate in IESF's General Meeting.

Being a non-profit association, IESF, is governed by its members.

IESF's highest authority isr its General Meeting which every member federation attends. It is to such meeting that the Board reports. It is to such meeting that the Annual Financial statements are presented and it is such meeting that elects office-bearers and may amend the Statutes.

Thus every member federation has a hand in the success of IESF.

This is why it is important that South African players get involved in MSSA. By becoming involved in MSSA's affairs, Registered Players are able to ensure that  the voice of the South African community, affiliated to MSSA, is heard at  the highest levels.

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