Thursday 6 September 2018

Rules for MSSA's One Day DBM Championships

An Ancients wargame.



  1. The rules to be used are DBM version 3.2 and the official clarifications. The 2nd edition Army Lists and current errata to the lists issued by the authors. The current IWF Clarifications and Guidelines for fair play, together with the MSSA scoring system and the current IWF Army List Interpretations. We will also be using revised terrain rules (see details below).
  1. Any army from the books specified may be chosen.
  1. The cost of all generals is halved, rounding up (Reg C-in-Cs & Sub-Gens cost +10ap instead of +20ap,  Irr C-in-Cs, Sub-Gens & Reg Ally-Gens +5ap instead of  +10ap & Irr Ally-Gens +3ap instead of  +5ap).
  1. Army lists must be submitted allocating all elements including baggage to a command. They must specify the number of element equivalents and demoralisation levels for each command and for the whole army. The total army size must not exceed 200 AP. All maxima and minima (including generals and baggage) in the lists are halved, rounding up (so each army has 3 baggage elements). The list must indicate:
  • the climate, aggression factor, year, geographical region, general where relevant and all double based elements. Once an army list has been submitted
  • it may not be changed or altered other than to correct any errors. Players may only correct their errors by making reasonable changes to their list. It is not allowed to completely re-write the list, and the list checkers decision on this is final.
  1. Army lists must be submitted for checking in advance and must be received by the List Checker not later than the date specified on the notification of the event. A penalty of 2 victory points per round, for each round of the competition (at any venue), may be imposed for late submission of lists. Any incorrect list discovered after a game has commenced (after set up dice have been rolled) must be corrected prior to the next match.
  1. Players must fully define their troops as they are placed on table.
  1. Table size is 48" x 36" and players must supply their own terrain pieces.
  1. Terrain must be to an acceptable standard, and umpires will have the discretion to remove unsightly items. For the purpose of measuring the size of and placing terrain 50p is considered to be 1/2" instead of 1", i.e. all area features are half-size.
  1. Players must be present and ready to start the match at the appointed time. Where a player has a reasonable excuse for arriving late the match start will be delayed by up to 10 minutes. After which time the effected player may be awarded a win. No player will be awarded more than one bye for any reason.
  1. If a player resigns from a game at any stage after the first set up dice have been rolled their opponent will be awarded a win.
  1. Matches will continue until the end of the defender's turn in the current pair of bounds when time is called. Time will be called after 1 hour and 45 minutes. Players may always commence games earlier than the stated time by mutual consent
  1. The event will be adjudicated by umpires.
  1. A modified Swiss Chess system will operate throughout the competition.
    • The draw for the first game is as per MSSA Seedings.
    • The draw in all other rounds is based on the Swiss Chess System.
  1. The timetable for each venue unless specifically notified is as
    • 08:45 hours: Check in
    • 09:00 hours: 1st Round
    • 11:00 hours: 2nd Round
    • 13:30 hours: 3rd Round
    • 15:30 hours: 4th Round
    • 17:30 hours: Prize Giving

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