Thursday 27 September 2018

World Draughts Federation gets new corporate identity

FMJD's new corporate identity.
On October 1st the World Draughts Federation (FMJD) starts using its new corporate and visual identity created by Estonian designer Tiit Jürna.

FMJD opened its headquarters in Tallinn in 2017 when Janek Mäggi was elected president of the organization. “The World Draughts Federation that was created in 1947 recently chose and confirmed its new corporate identity,” said Janek Mäggi, president of FMJD.

“The new identity reflects the vision of the future for FMJD.

In addition to organizing tournaments, we promote draughts in all countries of the world and want to increase the number of FMJD Member States from 84 to over one hundred in the coming year.

After a long debate and going over many designs, the board of World Draughts Federation (FMJD) approved our new corporate identity. Tiit Jürna created a lasting design that is both clear and stimulating.”

"I believe that the new identity is a breath of fresh air for FMJD," said Harry Otten, Director of International Relations of FMJD. "It was quite difficult to find common ground in a federation of countries with different cultures, but I am glad that with the help of involved experts we have found this new identity. We prove again that we are among the worlds leading sports organization encompassing so many countries.

Tiit Jürna (DB Reactor, is an Estonian artist and designer who specializes in both 2D and 3D design solutions. He is a member of The Estonian Artists' Association (EAA) since 1983 and Estonian Association of Designers (EAD) since 1989.

The Fédération Mondiale du Jeu de Dames (, of which Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is a member, was founded by the draughts federations of France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland in 1947. Its main goal was to regulate competition in world championships. Since 1897 the title of world champion had only been awarded to players from France and the Netherlands. FMJD enabled championship where all countries in the world could participate. Since then world champions came from Europe, Africa and America. With strong presence in Asia we can expect future champions from that continent as well. Today FMJD has 84 member federations and is itself a member of GAISF, which unites all internationally recognised fields of sport. FMJD is also a founding member of IMSA, the International Mind Sports Associating where, for instance, FIDE (chess) , IGF (the international Go Federation) and WBF (the world bridge federation) are members. In IMSA the goal is to bring Mind Sports to an increasing number of people especially youth. FMJD’s board consist of Janek Mäggi (President, Estonia), Chen Zelan (Vicepresident, China), Harry Otten (Director of International Relations, the Netherlands), Jacek Pawlicki (Director of Tournaments, Poland), Aare Harak (Treasurer, Estonia), Juri Chertok (General Secretary, Russia) and Daniele Macali (Director of Youth Tournaments, Italy).

For further information please contact: Janek Mäggi | President, FMJD E-mail: | Mobile: +372 50 72 989

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