Monday 3 September 2018

Correction: Rankings for Counter-Strike: GO - schools.

In just one year of affiliation, Paul Roos Gimnasium, through dedication and skill, has shaken the status quo.
Mind Sports South (MSSA) has issued new rankings for the esports title of Counter-Strike: GO for schools due to the fact that MSSA noticed that there was a duplication in teams.

It should be noted that the name of the team is the intellectual property of the club which has so entered the team. Also, since the team name is the property of the club, in this case the school, the team name could be used for many years - even though the members of the team may change from year-to-year, or even sooner.

Thus, the club affiliated to MSSA, has the right to change or withdraw the name of a team at its pleasure.

On reviweing the corrected rankings, it is interesting to note that six of the teams ranked in the top ten are from the Western Cape, one from KwaZulu Natal, one from the Eastern Cape, one from North West, and one from Gauteng even though the there are a total of 21 from the Western Cape, 10 from KwaZulu Natal, 2 from the Eastern Cape, 3 from North West, 2 from Limpopo, 2 from Mpumalanga, and 22 from Gauteng.

Thus MSSA has still much to do in the development of esports at school level.

The full list of ranked school teams is as follows:

PosName of TeamyearSchoolPoints
1PRG B (previously 'Hackstack')18Paul Roos Gimnasium787.8
2WBHSCSGO/A (Griffins)18Westville Boys591
3Alerion18Parklands College526.6
4PRG A (previously 'Deity')18Paul Roos Gimnasium410.2
5PRG C18Paul Roos Gimnasium335.6
6Bishops CSGO 1ST team18Bishops College320.6
7Hoërskool Lichtenburg18Hoërskool Lichtenburg315
8Sample text18Bishops College279
9GHS CS:GO 1sts18Grey High School275
10Cyrex18Vereeniging Gimnasium253.6
11Soviet UnicornZ18Midstream College225.9
12District_Zero18Protea Heights Academy208.1
13Northwood CSGO18Northwood High207.2
14Westerford High School18Westerford High School204.9
15PG 1618Parklands College201.9
16Semper Fi18Oakhill College201.3
17Choke 918Empangeni High School193.4
18Cedar House17Cedar House193.3
19Cryptid Claws17Hoërskool Wonderboom193.3
20Curro Kld (Qantum)17Curro Klerksdorp193.3
21Limitless17Hoërskool Wonderboom193.3
22PG 1817Parklands College193.3
23Potchefstroom Gimnasium17Potchefstroom Gimnasium193.3
24Pr0NHS & Girls17Northcliff High School193.3
25PRIDE17Parktown Boys193.3
26RBHS CSGO A17Rondebosch Boys193.3
28Spartans B17SAHETI193.3
29The Nerd Herd17Glenwood House193.3
30WBHS/CS:GOB17Westville Boys193.3
31iBUYCEREALi18Hoërskool Wonderboom182.5
32Monnas B18HS Monument178.1
33AFP17Hoërskool Wonderboom175.5
34Monnas A18HS Monument165.8
35MC CS 117Maritzburg College162.8
36GHS CS:GO 2nds18Grey High School154.8
37RISING SONS18Helpmekaar151.8
38PR0NHS18Northcliff High School150.9
39EHS CSGO18Empangeni High School149.8
40Awoken17Hoërskool Wonderboom140.8
41MHS Esports18Milnerton High School139.6
43Silent Bunnies18Westville Boys116.7
44Pr0NHS218Northcliff High School107
45T.I.O18Oakhill College103.5
46Raptors HTS17HTS Witbank102.9
48SJC Carry+4Flashes16St John's100
49Team espera16DF Malan100
50SETTING SONS18Helpmekaar95
51RBHS CSGO B17Rondebosch Boys92.2
52Linkside High16Linkside High91
53Tesseract17Jeppe High School for Boys89.5
54PG1318Parklands College86.1
55MidNight18Westville Boys82.3
56Ice Wolves17Hoërskool Wonderboom79.5
57rbcs-go18Richard's Bay Christian School75
58MC GO217Maritzburg College71.3
59HTS17HTS Witbank69.9
60GWH CSGO17Glenwood House64.5
61RatedGG18Hoërskool Wonderboom64
62Hoërskool Warmbad18Hoërskool Warmbad56.3

Other official rankings produced by MSSA are as follows:

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