Friday 12 July 2019

Dual membership is allowed for students and scholars.

Registered Players like Dale Spolander (Northcliff High School) may now play for both private and school clubs.
Up until MSSA's Annual General Meeting held in December 2018, Registered Players could only play for the club of ewhich they were a first claim member. That means that if a player joined club A, they could still affiliate to any other club, but MSSA would only consider such player as being able to play for club A in MSSA events.

This, however, posed many problems for Registered Players who played for private clubs as it excluded such players from participating in Student and School Championships and Leagues  if at university or school.

Since so many of South Africa's top esports, board games, and wargames athletes are still either at school or university, this meant that many athletes were faced with the dilemna of having to choose to either play for a private club and then miss out on the cameraderie of paying for a university or school team or have the honour of playing for a school or university team and miss out all that goes with playing with a private club.

Thus Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) has changed the General Regulations to allow learners and students playing for a private club to be entered by a tertiary institution club, or school club, in an event exclusively for such members should such Registered Player be fully registered at such member and upon such member’s terms.

Thus more rights are given to the majority of Registered Players which will enable such players to ultimately reach their full potential.

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