Tuesday 16 July 2019

The call is out...

Garth Schoeman (Chairman of the Selection Committee) with MSSA President, Amanda Kwaza.
In terms of the recent changes of the rules governing the appointment of the National Team Managers, the Selection Committee has requested that all Registered Players interested in standing for the position of National Team Manager submit their Curriculum Vitae (CV) on or before 22 July 2019.

To stand for the position of National Team Manager a Registered Player must have:
  • Been a current or past member of the Management Board, or
  • Held office for at least three years in an administrative or technical capacity for MSSA, or
  • Already served as a National Team Manager, or
  • Earned Protea Colours.

A National Team Manager may be appointed for each discipline, being:
  • Board gaming,
  • Esports, and
  • Wargames

The National Team Manager shall be appointed on a contract basis at the discretion of the Selection Committee.

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