Saturday 6 July 2019

The winner of the 'Paladins' esports title shall receive R10,000.00

Monument Park High School were crowned the SA Schools Champions at the recent SA Schools National Championships.
The 'Paladins' esports title made its debut in Mind Sports South Africa's (MSSA) school championships in 2012. Although a first person shooter (fps), the title only has an age restriction of 12+ making it far more appropriate for learners than other titles in the genre which have age restrictions of 16+.

Having a much lower age restriction, the title is far more open to development as team members are able to spend many years in a team before leaving school. Such will ultimately lead to an improved standard in playing skills, communication, and tactical ability.

In line with promoting age appropriate titles at school level, in order to remain within the law, and to ensure that no damage is done to a learner at any level, MSSA is pleased to anounce, that through its close association with North-West University (NWU) prize money of R10,000.00 shall be awarded to the school of the winning team in the NWU MSSA Online School League

The school may use such winnings for any project that the school deems fit, albeit, further developing their esports team etc.

Of course the winning team shall also be awarded its medals for winning, and may also earn High School Provincial Colours, as well as qualify ffor selection to the national team in 2020.

With all the above being offered, who would not want to participate?

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