Monday 18 May 2020

The team from Azerbaijan that beat MSSA's Protea DotA Esports Team.

Gaming League Azerbaijan (GLA)
Gaming League Azerbaijan (GLA) is Azerbaijan's largest cybersport organization, which was established in 2019 with help of Azerbaijan Cybersport Federation. GLA and AzKif holds several E-Sport events in Baku in the disciplines such as FIFA, Dota 2, Counter-Strike, etc. - the most successful local leagues in FIFA, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike and Fortnite which are being carried out at the moment with the support of the relevant structures.
AzKIF’s (Azerbaijan’s Cybersport Federation) main goal is to develop a cybersport discipline in the country, together with GLA they develop the best players and provide them with all the resources required in order to assist the local teams in bringing home the winning trophies. Nowadays, GLA holds the biggest FIFA league of the country with 40 different teams.
Azerbaijan’s DotA 2 team participated in officially recognized LAN tournament IESF and is aiming to participate on other tournaments as well.
GLA Dota 2 Team
Sabir Kerimov - LOOM
1 - Carry
Kanan Mustafazadeh - Scarlett
2- Mid
Tofik Guseinzadeh - Merlini    
3 - Offline
Ali  - DarkWay
4 - Soft Support
Azar Agazadeh – Flownee (Captain)
5 - Hard Support
Azar “Flownee” Agazadeh
I have decided to form this team in March of this year. I have previously played with Merlini in the year 2015 when he just started playing Dota 2 together with LOOM. Previously I have played always against DarkWay, he used to play in ShapShup team most of his Dota career. First, I have invited Merlini and then LOOM together with DarkWay. We found scarlet on GLA’s first Dota 2 league in October of this year.
·         2017 RedBull “The Last Champion” Win,
·         2018 RedBull “The Last Champion” 2nd Place.
·         2019 IESF Seoul Qualifications Second Place. 2019
Sabir “LOOM” Kerimov
I have started playing Dota since its very first version, from Warcraft 3. I made my first appearance on Azeri Dota scene in 2015, on Azerbaijan’s first largest tournament, together with Merlini. We won that tournament and since then I did not lose my passion for it. My peak of career was becoming Top 300th Dota 2 player in Europe and I look forward to achieving even better results.
·         2015 Kreki Cup Win,
·         IESF 2016 Second Place,
·          Red Bull 2017 “The Last Champion” tournament Win,
·         IESF 2018 National Qualifications Win,
·         IESF 2019 Seoul Qualifications Win (as a coach),
·         2019th-year CyberArena Tournament Win,
·         First place in all of the three local Ladders
Ali “DarkWay” Aliyev
I have played the first Dota in 2010 when I was studying in school. I was considered as a strong player. I played a lot of Garena lobbies. I was considered as a strong player. I played a lot of Garena lobbies. I started playing Dota 2 in 2015. Now I am top 500th Dota 2 player in Europe.
·         IESF 2016 Qualifications Win
·         IESF 2017 Qualifications Win
·         Red Bull “The Last Champion” 2018 Win
·         IESF 2019 Qualifications Second Place
·         GLA League Win 2019
·         First in Azerbaijan to reach 7k
Tofik “Merlini” Guseinzadeh
I have started playing MOBA genre since First Dota, from the year 2008. We started playing together with LOOM and we really enjoyed it. From the year 2012, I am playing Dota 2.
·         Semi-Pro Starladder Win,
·         Kreki Cup Win (First biggest tournament of Dota 2 in Azerbaijan, 2015),
·         IESF 2019 Seoul Qualifications Win,
·         A lot of other local championships in Baku and always took minimum 3rd place in all of them.
Kanan “Scarlett” Mustafazadeh
I am a new member of GLA’s Dota 2 Team.
Achievements: IESF 2019 Seoul Qualifications Win

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