Thursday 13 October 2016

Agenda for MSSA's 33rd National Convention

Mind Sports South Africa's National Convention which is its Annual General Meeting is always held immediately after the end of play of the South African National Championships and at the same venue.

The way  in which  the National convention is run is clearly spelt out in MSSA's Constitution, which reads as follows:

MEETINGS OF THE COUNCIL: All National Conventions and Special General Meetings shall be open to all affiliated members. The National Convention, of which twenty-one days notice in writing shall have been given by the General Secretary to all affiliated members, shall be held during the month of December, at which the following business shall be transacted:
    1. To confirm the minutes of the previous National Convention.
    2. To receive and adopt the Annual Report of the Executive Committee.
    3. To receive and adopt the Reports of the Sub-­committees.
    4. To receive the National and Provincial Tournaments Management reports.
    5. To consider and deal with any notices of motion to amend the Constitution.
    6. To consider and deal with any notices of motion to amend the Regulations.
    7. To elect the Executive Committee as per Rule 8.3 bearing in mind Rule 8.4 and Rule 8.5.
    8. In the event of insufficient nominations being received, the Executive Committee may fill vacancies that may exist. However, once an individual has assumed a position, he may not stand for, or be elected to another position.
    9. To consider applications for affiliation.
    10. Approval of the Calendar of Events.
    11. No business shall be discussed at a General Meeting that does not appear on the Notice for such meeting.

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