Friday 14 October 2016

Awards that may be made at MSSA's National Convention

The tireless work done behind the scenes by volunteers always impresses me.

Like every other sports federation in the country, MSSA too gives out awards to those, who without no thought for themselves, have dedicated their efforts so that others may benefit.

Such awards are:


On the nomination of the Executive Committee only, the Council may, at the National Convention elect as Hon. Life Members, persons who have been prominently connected with the activity in the Republic of South Africa, and have rendered valuable services therein. Not more than one person shall be elected in at any one time. Such Hon. Life Members shall be entitled to attend meetings of the Council and shall have the power to vote at such meeting.


The Executive may appoint such persons as they are feel deserving of recognition, to the position of Hon. Vice-President. Such Hon. Vice-President shall be entitled to attend meetings of the Council, and shall have power to vote at Executive Meetings.


The award may be awarded to any individual who may have rendered TEN years outstanding service to the activity in South Africa, or in any other special circumstances, on the recommendation of the Executive Committee. This award may only be made by the Council on the recommendation of the Executive.

The award for Meritorious Service is awarded on both National and Provincial levels.

If you feel that someone should be considered for any/all of above, please ask your club to nominate them on or before 18 October 2016.

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