Sunday 16 October 2016

Meet MSSA's stars: Lyle "VeXXCoN" Jeacocks

Lyle Jeacocks just before departing for IeSF's 8th World Championships - Jakarta 

Lyle Jeacocks is an IT Field Technician with a hungry and desired passion for e-Sports. 
Lyle started playing CounterStrike at a very early age. Having started as far back as Counter Strike 1.6, Lyle has put in the time to know the game. 
Always willing to learn, Lyle is an avid gamer both online on on the LAN circuit. 
However, Lyle realises the  importance to balance his work life and gaming life as much as possible. 
Even though professional gaming in South Africa still requires a foundations to still be created before any gamers are to be employed as full-time gamers, Lyle is confident that South Africa will see it happen during his esports career. With the discipline and determination shown by Lyle, it is quite believable that he'll be among those who will benefit.
Before going to represent MSSA at IeSF's 8th World Championships, Lyle stated, "For me personally to be attending the World Championships in Jakarta is a dream come true as I've always wanted to not only represent my country on a international basis but also to be a part of this great e-Sport event. I am extremely proud and excited to be taking part in the IesF."

While overseas in Jakarta, Lyle performed to the highest standards, and represented South Africa with both pride and honour.

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