Friday 28 October 2016

Questions asked apropos Mind Sports South Africa

South Africa's Protea eSports  Team - IeSF's 8th World Championships - Jakarta
It never  ceases to amaze that even though Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) was founded in December 1985 there are still people that still ask the following questions.

Even though many of these questions have been asked before, MSSA never tires of answering the questions in order to bring about a greater degree  of clarity.

QUESTION: What is Mind Sports South Africa?

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is recognised by Act of Parliament[1] as the national controlling body for mind sports in South Africa.

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is also an affiliate of the International eSports FederationFederation de Jeau du Mondiale, and the International Wargames Federation. Due to its membership of such international bodies, the MSSA is the sole authority for the games that it caters for in terms of the Sport and Recreation Act, number 110 of 1998 (as amended).

All sports are thus run according to their own Constitutions which are in turn decided upon by their members.

Thus it is the very people who have the biggest interest in the sport who have the say in what happens. It is the members that decide what happens, it is the members that elect the officials and it is the members that provide the vision for years to come.

Also, because of the legal nature of the federations, no one owns a federation. Thus federations are free of the ownership issues that haunt the privately owned companies.

However, even though the MSSA is governed by the said act, it is important to remember that the MSSA is a private association of members.

QUESTION: How does someone get their national colours for e-sports?
Selection of national teams is a year long process in South Africa.

Players from any team that is affiliated to a member club that finishes in the top 3, or top 20% (whichever is greater), at a Provincial or National Championship automatically qualify for National Team Trials. Since MSSA runs LANs in 6 out of the 9 provinces, many South Africans are afforded the opportunity of qualifying for Trials with little cost to themselves. Not only that, but MSSA runs on-line championships which too count towards qualifying for National Team Trials. To further reach all the outlying areas in South Africa, the MSSA allows the winner from any Regional Championship to attend the National Team Trials. There are 56 Regions in South Africa which consist of some of the most remote areas. Thus there is no excuse for anyone to not participate as the MSSA has made it as easy as possible to play in an official championships.

Selection of Provincial Teams is done very differently. The nine Provincial Directors are responsible for the selection of the Provincial Teams according to the rules established by the Provincial Boards of Control.

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