Monday 10 October 2016

Korea is victorious at IeSF’s 2016 e-Sports World Championship - Jakarta

Top three countries
IeSF’s8th World Championship 2016 - Jakarta, officially ended on the 9th of October 2016.

The quarter-finals and semi-finals were held on the previous day, being the 8th of October, with the finals being played on the 9th of October 2016 where all the title winners for three different game titles were decided.

The overall winner was Korea, which, remarkably, witnessed its League of Legends team finish the tournament without a single loss.Korea’s League of Legends team won the title by winning all the sets of games in the final, while its Counter Strike: Global Offensive team finished the tournament in 3rd place overall. Korea’s HearthStone team, while only finishing in 4th place, earned sufficient points to push the Korean national team into first place overall.

The total points earned by Korea was 152 to once again regain the top rank.

The overall runner-up was Finland, whose Counter Strike: Global Offensive team won the the CounterStrike: GO title, with 111 total points.

Austria, which only participated in HearthStone, came on the 3rd place by earning 100 points for winning such title.

Team China, stayed on the 4th place with total points of 98.

The opening of the 8th IeSF World Championship 2016 Jakarta, saw a bevy of who's who at the opening, such as, IeSF Board Members, IeSF President Mr. Byung Hun Jun, IeSF Vice-President Mr Silviu Storie, officials from the Indonesian e-Sports Association, as well as personnel from The Association For International Sports for All.

During the 4 days of the tournament, many top-class games occurred which drove the crowds wild while a various events hosted by KEK TV, RAZER, ASUS, allowed visitors to experience a wider range of entertainment.

Thanks to the cooperation with TAFISA, there was a great deal of interest from the media which benefited the sponsors.
Colin Webster giving his speech

Colin Webster, Board Member of IeSF, gave the closing speech. The current status of e-sports becoming a global sport was emphasised, while at the same time asking the players to foster a sense of ethics to further develop e-sports.

Consequently, Korea’s winning back the 1st place in the global ranking as well as the honour of the country in which e-sports is claimed to have started.

As for IeSF World Championship, as the sole e-sports competition based on nationality, the championship ended with great success once again.

Already everybody is looking forward to the 2017 competition.

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