Wednesday 19 October 2016

IeSF Ordinary General Meeting 2016 held in Jakarta

Mr Byung Hun Jun, President of IeSF
The Ordinary General Meeting of the International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, on 8 October 2016 during the 8th e-Sports World Championships. The Meeting has been conducted in the presence of 30 Member Nations, IeSF Secretariat, and the Board Members of IeSF. One of the most important agenda items for the General Meeting this year was the election for the positions of President and Board Members. For the position of President, Mr Byung Hun Jun was re-elected as the president of the IeSF through general consensus. President Jun commented in the meeting that “2016 has been challenging, yet a meaningful year for the IeSF as we are closer than ever in receiving the recognition by the International Sports Societies. IeSF has successfully finishing the application for SportAccord and the IOC recognition this year in August. This work has only been possible through the hard work and dedication of all member nations to enhance the e-Sports industry worldwide”. In addition, President Jun proposed three tasks for e-Sports to progress further ahead in the upcoming year. He stressed the importance of developing the ‘e-Sports Agenda 2020’, which would act as a guidance for IeSF and National Federations (NF) to work together to unify and standardize e-Sports globally. He also highlighted the importance of developing an NF guideline to promote good governance, transparency, and formation of sustainable National Federation structures. He finished his comments by emphasizing protection of athlete’s welfare and rights, which will be promoted with the help of Athlete’s Commission. During this year’s Annual General Meeting, election of the board members was also conducted with 6 candidates to result in re-election of 5 board members being:
Meanwhile, at the 2016 Ordinary General Meeting, Macau, Italy, and Nepal were elevated to the full members of IeSF. Among the new full members, Nepal eSports Association (NESA) is a national federation, which has already been recognized by the Nepal Olympic Committee and gained official recognition as a sport from its government. The new members will be given the rights in decision making processes within the Annual General Meeting including a voice and one vote for each nation.

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