Wednesday 12 October 2016

Team eSports South Africa returns

Team eSports South Africa
Back row - (l to r) Matthew Smith, Simon Zandstra, Dillon Justus, Maryke Kennard, Francois Mouton, Johan Uys.
Front row - (l to r) Jessie Joubert, Taylor Rose, Lyle Jeacocks, Johan van Breda, Leandré Sparks
Without doubt MSSA's Team eSports South Africa sunk their hearts and souls into IeSF's 8th World Championships - Jakarta.

The only reason why the team did not win was due to the exceptionally high standard at such World Championship.

Matthew Smith, who captained the League of Legends team, was heard to remark at how the standard of play had exponentially improved.

Even with such improvement among the other teams, Matthew was still able to cause ripples as he obtained 'kill' after 'kill'.

The CounterStrike: GO team also shook the tree and only went down 16 - 8 to Russia.

Francois Mouton, won three and lost three in HearthStone, and has established himself as a contender in this event.

As usual, the South African team proved to be not only a determined adversary in the game, but also a  team with which every other team wished to associate. The friends that Team eSports SA has made will last them all their days, and the team proved that whether they lost or won, their spirits remained the same.

The team were true ambassadors, and a credit to all of South Africa.

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