Monday 24 October 2016

2012 & 2013 eSports Board of Control Chairman

bvd_russian in pensive mood

Mind Sports South Africa is without doubt the oldest member of the IeSF having been founded on 14 December 1985 as a non-profit Association.

As an Association, the MSSA is governed by a committee that is elected at its General Meetings. In order to create stability in the Association, elections for the posts on the Management Board are staggered so that the entire Management Board does not change at the same time which would result in a loss of knowledge and experience.

Obviously, the Chairman of the eSports Board of Control has become more and more important with the massive growth in eSports in South Africa. In the past the position of Chairman of the eSports Board of Control was often held by registered players who had a keen interest in eSports, but had not really participated themselves in competitive leagues.

2012 saw a new era being ushered in with David Webster being unanimously elected in to the position of Chairman of the eSports Board of Control.

David had received Protea Colours from Mind Sports South Africa (1997 to 2001) as well as from Shooting South Africa for the game of Paintball (2010 and 2011). However, it is his work in eSports that is relevant to his credentials. David Webster - known as bvd_russian - was one of the founding members (along with Garth Jones and Kevin Murphy) of the second oldest CounterStrike clans that we have in South Africa – Bravado Gaming (Bvd Gaming).

Bravado Gaming has done much to improve the standard of competitive gaming in South Africa, and is the only South African team to have played against the Swedish team SK Gaming in CounterStrike 1.6 when MSSA brought out SK Gaming out to South Africa for the 2008 ACER African Continental Championships.

In taking up his position on the eSports Board of Control, David brought with him years of experience of competitive play as well as a youthful enthusiasm that generated confidence and participation.

David was a true asset to MSSA and to all gaming in South Africa.

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