Friday 22 July 2022

All revved up and ready to go.

Tristan de Nobrega (ZAG Academy) and Charl Wilken (Knights Mind Sports Club) will represent South Africa in the Protea Esports Team in the Sim Racing World Cup.

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) recently held its National Qualifiers, albeit on very short notice from International Esports Federation (IESF), to select its Protea Team to represent South Africa in the Simracing World Cup.

The two renowned athletes selected to defend South Africa's honour are non other than:

  • Tristan de Nobrega (ZAG Academy), and
  • Charl Wilken (Knights Mind Sports Club)
In order to get to the final stage to be held in Monaco later this year, the athlte has to participate in a Continental Qualifier. 

A total of 39 countries will participate in the Continental Qualifiers for Sim Racing World Cup 2022 and only the TOP 12 drivers will head their way off to MONACO as per the following slots:

- Europe: 3

- Africa: 2

- America: 2

- Asia: 2

- Oceania: 1

Wildcards for Monaco and Slovakia = 12 best sim racers in Monaco.


The Continental Qualifiers will be held from 26th of July 6 p.m. CET to 29th of July 6 p.m. CET


However, it must be noted that two (2) sim racers of the same country cannot qualify for the Grand Final with only the fastest sim racer from such country going through.

All of MSSA, and indeed South Africa, stand squarely behind the Protea Team and wish both sim racers all the very best.


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