Tuesday 4 May 2021

Latest Counter-Strike: GO South African rankings.

Jessie Joubert, Captain of the 2016 CS:GO Protea Team, assisting with the draw.

With the announcement by International Esports Federation (IESF) that the Counter-Strike: GO (CSGO) esports title will be hosted at its 12th World Championships, there is a renewed activity within the title as teams fight for a chance to participate in the National Team selection process.

The rankings take into account four events  already held by Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA), being:

ZAG Academy's team "ZAG CS:GO" now consistently dominates the  events in which they participate, Under the able leadership of  Jessie Joubert the team seems  to be unstoppable and now has commanding lead on the  official South African rankings.

Jeppe Boy's High School is the second highest ranked team in the country and as such is  the highest ranked school team. It is expected that this young team, all of which have Gauteng School Provincial Colours, will have a great future ahead of them.

The full rankings are:

PosName of PlayeryearClubPoints
1ZAG CS:GO21ZAG Academy472
2Jeppe CS:GO21Jeppe Boy's High School256.6
3Team LBSA20Oakhill School140
4GUANTAP20Hoërskool Randburg140
5Redhill CS:GO20Redhill High School140
6Eclipse CS:GO19Eclipse Esport140
7PRG V19Paul Roos Gimnasium140
8HackStack19Paul Roos Gimnasium140
9Oasis19Edenvale High140
10FF Gaming19Hoërskool Randburg140
11RISINSons19Helpmekaar Kollege140
12RKTF19Royal Knights140
13Monty Pythons19Fairmont High School140
14Curro CS:GO19Curro Aurora140
15HBS20Redhill High School138.2
16PRONHS21Northcliff High131.3
17NHS19Northcliff High School122.5
18SHS00219Sasolburg High School106.9
19CS GO: Outcast20Protea Heights Academy100
20Team FiB19Monument Park High School100
21Hyde Park19Hyde Park High99.4
22Normies CS B19NHHS90.3
23Ekasi Esports21Ekasi Esports Academy90
24Heron Bridge College20Heron Bridge81.5
25Team Sidious19Team Sidious75
26Normies CS A19NHHS71.3
27Bishop's CS:GO19Bishop's67.8

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