Wednesday 16 March 2016

8th e-Sports World Championship 2016 - Jakarta

Serbia - winners of the 7th World Championships - Seoul
The International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) will hold the 8th e-Sports World Championship 2016, which is the sole international e-sports event where players compete as representing their countries, in Jakarta, Indonesia in October, 2016.
IeSF has informed IeSF members and international sports events hosting company regarding the host city bidding opportunity for the 8th e-Sports World Championship 2016. Jakarta has showed great interest to become the host city of the event. IeSF selected Jakarta as the host city of the 8th e-Sports World Championship 2016 through the Board Meeting.
Jakarta, located in JAVA Island of Indonesia, is the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia with a population over 10 million people. Moreover, e-sports has been selected as the sports event of the Extreme & Adventurous Sports in the 6th TAFISA World Sports for All Games which will be held in Jakarta in October, 2016.
The 8th e-Sports World Championship will be held in Ancol Beach City Auditorium for 3 days. The official titles will soon be announced by IeSF technical committee.
After the announcement of the official titles, IeSF 43 member national federations will commence their national qualifiers. Players who are selected through national qualifiers will be formally recognized as sports athletes representing each country at the World Championship with endorsement of their government or national sports authority.
Meanwhile, e-Sports World Championship is the sole international e-sports event that is hosted by IeSF, established in 2008, and sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism. Over 27 countries and 200 people who are recognized as national qualifiers by each government and national sports authority participated in the 7th e-Sports World Championship Seoul 2015, which was held in Seoul, Korea, in which Serbia was ranked first place.

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