Thursday 17 March 2016

Is there a difference between a gamer and an eSports athlete?

I believe that there is indeed a difference between a gamer and an eSports athlete.

I can already hear the howls of indignation and  protest.

Let  us examine  the differences:

eSports athlete
Purchases the latest games
Concentrates primarily on the title  he/she plays in competition.
Addicted to reviews on the latest games
Tends  only to read  up on the games  that  interest him/her
When finishes the one game, moves onto the next.
Will play the title that he/she plays competitively for a number of years
Although never having played in a formal competition, considers him/herself to be highly competitive and expert at playing the game
Is more interested in competitive play, and competes religiously in order to improve his/her standard of play as well as his/her official rankings.
Does not control his/her playing time
Has specific times for training and competitive play.
Does not try to become 'technically' correct at the game
Makes every  effort to learn the nuances of the game as well as the 'technicalities' behind the game.
Does not practice at the game
Practices for long hours in order to improve general standard of play.
Does not belong to a club
Belongs to a club  in order to play in competition and thus take  advantage of all the benefits of competitive play

Thus, as you can  see there is a widening chasm growing between the 'gamer' and the eSports athlete.

That  is  not to say that there will not be the  rare individuals that cross the divide, but the two are very different.

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