Sunday 13 March 2016

Should gamers be concerned about Maria Sharapova?

Maryke Kennard (South Africa) taking the Athlete's Oath at IeSF's 2015 World Championships - Seoul
Should gamers be concerned about Maria Sharapova?

The short  answer is - YES! An undeniable, unreservedly, yes!

As eSports hurtles towards  becoming a mainstream sport, the relationship between IeSF and WADA (World Anti Doping Authority) becomes more and more important.

While substances not on the WADA list may be taken, it is absolutely important that athletes follow the due processes and keep an eye on all WADA announcements.

As soon as a substance makes the WADA list, the athlete needs to be cognisant of the change and react  accordingly.

It is all part of being a  professional athlete.

Ignorance is not an excuse!

It really does not matter if the athlete, or cyber-athlete, made a mistake, or took the substance unknowingly, as it is the athlete's responsibility to ensure that he/she is in line with WADA.

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