Tuesday 8 March 2016

Why we need inter-provincials in eSports

2014 Protea eSports Team for DotA 2

As Desmond Kurz stated:

"The greater media (Supersport, SABC, eTV, Sunday Times, etc.) does not understand
Clans and Guilds and concepts like that. Take it from me, I have tried. However, they do understand the concept of Western Province and Protea teams because it falls into their frame of reference. So, its much easier to get exposure for gamers when they are part of a Protea Team or Provincial Team. Ok, so this is why a gamer should care:
The more media coverage, the more the players involved can become known to the "non-gaming" audience and the more noticed they are by potential local sponsors. These gamers become known, go back to their clan or guild with a degree of fame that then makes the clans more attractive to potential local sponsors.
I saw this happen with the Cape Town vs Gauteng (North vs South) event last year - we had 5 TV crews covering the event including SABC Sports who aired the segment in the sports section of the main news bulletin at 8pm. When last did a competitive gaming event get that coverage? It really was an experiment to see if we could get gamers that coverage if we packaged the event in a way they (the media) could understand...and it seemingly worked.
I know we can already compete in overseas events, this is true and we will get international coverage which will translate back to sponsor interest but I think that's a longer process that what I have described above (hard to feature in competitions overly subscribed with properly salaried professional teams when we are not yet at that level) .
Does this make sense or is my logic flawed?"

From what Desmond has to say, just another thing MSSA is getting right!


  1. The wording Regional, Provincial, Club, Union, National, Protea and Springbok forms a language among Sporting Codes, competitors, the media and spectators in South Africa. However, true identities remain forever. Now we can use a combination of both to promote the Sport we all love to play.