Wednesday 23 March 2016

Can Protea Team members play in non MSSA events?

Maryke Kennard (capt.) and Johan Uys (coach) of the 2015 Protea League of Legends team
I heard a rumour that should you compete in the overseas tournament you won't be able to compete again in any event for a year afterwards? If that is true, would I be able to compete in DGL?

The official response from MSSA is: "No, that is a malicious rumour.
What the rule states is that while you are a member of the Protea team, you may only play for teams affiliated to MSSA.

So, if you become a member of the Protea Team, as long as you are a member of an affiliated club, you can play in any championship you like.

However, if you are in the Protea Team and you leave the affiliated club for which you play, the team that you join must be affiliated. Because you do not affiliate to DGL, you only play in their championships.

DGL is a marketing arm of TELKOM. TELKOM does not allow anyone to affiliate to it.

Thus you can play in DGL.

So, if you get your Protea Colours you can play in championships organised by MWEB, DGL, ORENA, ESL, ESWC, etc, as long as the club you are representing is affiliated to MSSA.

Once the contract expires (contracts are for one calendar year) you may play for whomever you like."

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