Tuesday 1 March 2016

Reminder: 20th MSSA North West Board Gaming Championships- 5 & 6 March 2016

The 20th MSSA North West Board Gaming & Wargaming Championships shall be held at St Conrad's College, Klerksdorp, on 5 & 6 March 2016.

In terms of the current regulations, any period may be played to more than one rule set if there are sufficient entries, and a player qualified to act as an umpire has volunteered to umpire such rule set.

The championships shall start on both days at 9H00. Players need to register at least 30 minutes before the start of play. 

The following periods have qualified to be played, and shall be, should sufficient entries be received:

Board gaming
Backgammon10H00-10H4511H00 - 11H4514H00 -14H4515H00 - 15H4516H00 - 16H45
Checkers10H00-10H4511H00 - 11H4514H00 -14H4515H00 - 15H4516H00 - 16H45
Draughts (Brazilian)10H00-10H4511H00 - 11H4514H00 -14H4515H00 - 15H4516H00 - 16H45
Draughts (International)10H00-10H4511H00 - 11H4514H00 -14H4515H00 - 15H4516H00 - 16H45
Morabaraba10H00-10H4511H00 - 11H4514H00 -14H4515H00 - 15H4516H00 - 16H45
SesothoMorabaraba10H00-10H4511H00 - 11H4514H00 -14H4515H00 - 15H4516H00 - 16H45

In keeping with Mind Sport South Africa's policies re development programmes, entries are 
free and gratis to registered players who are unable to afford to enter such championships should the member club formally request assistance. Such applications must be directed to the MSSA at: e-mail: mindsportssa@iafrica.com

Please note that if there are not at least 10 players entered for a figure gaming period, then such period shall be played to four (4) rounds and not five (5).

Entry fees are:              R30.00 for board gamers.

Only players who are registered with fully-paid-up members may participate.

Players are reminded that the majority choice of rules as at the closing date for entries shall be used.

Entry fees can be deposited directly into Mind Sports South Africa's account, held at ABSA Bank, account number, 
90 4766 7676.

All entries, and army lists (if applicable) must be e-mailed to the Umpire: Colin Webster at 
mindsportssa@iafrica.com on or before 4 March 2016.

Colin Webster
General Secretary
Mind Sports South Africa
P O Box 19275
Tel: 011 828 4994
Fax: 086 672 1911
Cell: 073 593 9451
e-mail: mindsportssa@iafrica.com
URL: http://www.mindsportsa.co.za
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mindsportssa
Twitter: @mindsportssa
Skype: colin.webster4

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is an affiliate of the International eSports Federation, Federation de Jeau du Mondiale, and the International Wargames Federation. Due to its membership of such international bodies, the MSSA is the sole authority for the games that it caters for in terms of the Sport and Recreation Act, number 110 of 1998 (as amended).

The MSSA is responsible for the good governance and promotion of Historical figure games (also known as wargames), Board games (such as Diplomacy, Checkers, Draughts, Morabaraba, Sport Stacking, etc), Card Gaming, Robotics, and eSports (whether they are played on ‘cell phones, Sony® PSP’s, personal computers or similar). 

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